Praise for All Our Yesterdays



From Jon Kaplan at NOW magazine


NNNNN rating "Played out on a chalkboard circle, the action moves back and forth in time, moments of sharp comedy interrupting intense confrontations. The actors are strong and the direction compelling; you're sure to be shaken by the ending....A surprise Fringe treasure"


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From Randy McDonald at Mooney on Theatre


"The well-constructed script, ably produced on a minimalist stage, would be nothing if Ladi and Hasana could not be brought to life. Happily, they are. Weise and Umeh are superb actors, taking All Our Yesterdays to heights of emotion."

"All Our Yesterdays is important. Showing how the horrors of the real world can affect two people caught up in them, this is a drama that is both an artistic success and important for the world. On all these grounds, this performance of All Our Yesterdays is a must-see."


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From Melanie Hrymak at MyEntertainmentWorld


Rating: A

"Umeh and Weise are remarkable; they effortlessly shift between their lives before the kidnapping and the mounting pressure of their current imprisonment, building a complex, and loving relationship. Hung’s play fearlessly confronts and provokes questions about race and gender, about who we value and why, through Hasana and Ladi’s heated debates and heartbreaking reality. "


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From The Mind Reels


"Hung brings the story from our Twitter and Facebook feeds and puts it front and centre, precisely where it needs to be. Unflinchingly real, and filled with raw emotions, brilliant brought to life by the two leads...An emotional ride, superbly acted and a very important story this is one not to be missed."


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From Kavita at We Talk Women


"I wasn't sure what to expect when I bought tickets to attend All Our
Yesterday's. I was moved to tears by the story and left in awe of the
talented actors. Make time to see this play! I feel grateful that this
play was my first Fringe TO show and I hope the other shows can live up to

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From Neil Ironside 


"I was moved and impressed by your play “All Our Yesterdays” last night...The non-linear presentation was brilliant, the the unpredictable ending, the simple staging, the authentic emotions, it was impressive and professional"